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Our History

The Running Flutes was born on the initiative of Edgardo Egaddi and Antonmario Semolini, teachers of transverse flute at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Turin, Italy.

The idea is to form and coordinate a chamber music group in which young talents, already in possession of considerable international experience, are supported and supported by the musical and orchestral skills of established professionals.

The staff, made up of a variable number of instrumentalists (from a minimum of 11 to a maximum of 18), is mainly made up of the whole family of flutes (piccolo, flute in E flat, flute in C, flute in G, flute in C low), from a double bass and percussion. However, if the repertoire requires it, the presence of other wind instruments (clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone), singing, piano and reciting voice is foreseen.

The intent of this group is to offer the public the widest range of musical profiles: from original pieces written specifically for this type of training to transcriptions of classical pieces, from pop and jazz music to popular and Latin American music. Music of all kinds to offer both to a competent audience and to a less experienced one.

Contemporary composers and arrangers collaborate with Running Flutes to create and adapt new pieces to be included in the repertoire.

The main activity is that of concerts, but there is no lack of collaboration projects with dance and theatrical groups for the realization of shows that include other forms of artistic expression in addition to the musical one.

The group also makes use of the precious contribution of Sébastian Jacot, a world-famous concert performer.  


Flutes in C : Rebecca Viora,  Irene Silano, Madalina Smocov, Danilo Putrino,     

           Paola Dusio, Francesca Landoni,  Niccolò Susanna


Flutes in G : Edgardo Egaddi, Mauro Tardivo


Flute in C Bass : Anita Cravero

Double bass : Irene Fornasa


Percussion : Jordi Manuello

IMG_9819B (sala registrazione)
IMG_4006 Sermig
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